Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Second Anniversary!

Saturday night's Hungry Beat will be our two-year anniversary and the last Hungry Beat until we find a new venue. Looking back, it's been really fun hanging out and playing music we love for you.

Hungry Beat began with the notion that kids would dance to indie pop mixed with soul, girl groups, 60s pop, mutant disco, and post-punk influences. We keep things up-tempo and accessible. You'll hear the rare or under-appreciated next to your favorite anthems.

(Fun, fun, fun! during the Pehrspace days)

We had our first few nights at the co-op Pehrspace in Echo Park. Things were very much DIY. In addition to promoting and spinning we were also the bouncers. We did well enough that the neighbors started noticing. Michael was already packing them in at Punky Reggae at La Cita, so they decided to give us a Saturday.

Sometimes you land right on top of the zeitgeist by not chasing it. There was a renewed interest in indie pop thanks to a string of strong releases from Slumberland and Yay. Groups like the Dum Dum Girls were building a new, noisier Wall of Sound. Downtown L.A. had finally become a viable destination for night life and we were right in the middle of it, across from Angels Flight and right next to the old City of Paris department store.

(They were dancing like crazy to the Jasmine Minks when this was taken!)

The b-sides and flexidiscs began getting as good a response as the hits. The requests started getting less random and people started asking for stuff we actually had in our 45 boxes. We brought in Cats on Fire, one of our favorite new bands, all the way from Finland to make their West Coast debut.

(Cats on Fire!)

La Cita has been good to us through the slower siesta months and during a recession. With fall approaching they decided to shake up their Saturdays, so as of tonight we are looking for a new home. Thanks for your support and stay tuned, we'll be back!

(How lucky we are to have such a dapper clientele)

(Bye for now...)

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