Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hungry Beat!'s Favorite Tracks: Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed it All"

We figured it was about time over here at Hungry Beat! HQ to put our Youtube search obsession to good use by finding videos made for some of our absolute favorite songs to play at Hungry Beat!, and telling you a little bit about why we enjoy playing them so much.

I realized something the other day. I could listen to the Esther Williams song, "Last Night Changed it All" anytime, anywhere, countless numbers of times in a row, and never ever grow tired of it. In fact, hearing the song instantly puts me in a better mood and makes me want to dance. It might be the perfect party song, strong drums, seriously soulful voclas, but an overall upbeat pop sensibility. I read somewhere that it's been sampled innumerable times. I'm sure that if I racked my brain I could come up with one or two, for now I'll just say I'm not surprised.

Even though we played "Last Night Changed it All" at last week's Hungry Beat! it might be one of those that's just perfect enough to make an appearance again this week. Only one way to find out...

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