Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The O'Jays - Soul Sounds

When it comes to classic soul, it's generally all about 45s. Most soul LPs from the '60s suffer from the ubiquitous and largely unnecessary (in this DJ's opinion) Beatles covers or too many dull ballads. Granted, there are a few exceptions where albums really feel like albums -- What's Going On, anyone? Now this O'Jays record, Soul Sounds doesn't flow from track to track like Marvin Gaye's aforementioned opus, but it's got a ton of really great songs, and the cover art is fantastic. Better yet, I acquired this LP on Ebay for $12, while to get all the songs I wanted from this LP on 45s would've set me back twenty times that sum. While the O'Jays are better known for such 70s jams as "Love Train" (I'd be happy if you promised me I'd never hear that one again as long as I should live!) and nowadays play the Vegas circuit, they made some brilliant recordings in the 60s on Minit, Bell, and Imperial that are among my favorites of the genre. Expect to hear a track off this LP on Saturday at the club, but do pick up yourself a copy in the meantime and enjoy such tracks as the stompin' "Working on Your Case", and beautiful mid-tempo groovers like "No Time For You", and "I"ll Never Forget You". In fact, I've also got a reissue copy of this LP that I'll gladly hand off to the first Hungry Beat! attendee that responds to this post, since I now have an original. Below, a teaser. Enjoy...

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