Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild About You

While there are a great deal of overlaps in the record collections of all of us Hungry Beat! DJs, the chances that we will all find ourselves equally enamored with not one but two very new bands are slim. Therefore, it seems pretty cool that we all fell equally head over heels in love with Veronica Falls and Wild Nothing. The sonic similarities are few and far between except for the fact that both projects produce giddy pop songs with the highest possibility of leaving you feeling giddy all over. Let's start with Veronica Falls, a noisy, peppy band from Scotland with former ties to the Royal We. If you're not familiar with the Royal We, they are responsible for one the niftiest little ditties of the past few years:

Back to the present day, Veronica Falls pick up the torch of that band which burned out much too quickly, and provide us with gorgeous gems like this:

Shifting gears now to Wild Nothing, cursory listens might give the impression that it shares nothing with Veronica Falls other that a record label (both have releases available on Captured Tracks). Where Veronica Falls make songs that are punchy and jarring in all the right ways, Wild Nothing creates a stunning dreamscape that invites you to wander in, dance for awhile, and then maybe take a nap. However, there's a sophistication, and assertiveness present in both projects that sets them both in a different playing field than many of their peers.

I leave you with Wild Nothing's vibrant "Chinatown:"

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