Thursday, March 29, 2012

Japan, Scotland, Flipper's Guitar, and the General Wonder That Is Cornelius...

Wasn't planning to write a post today to be perfectly honest. Despite my very real intentions to contribute new content everyday, life always manages to get in the way doesn't it? And you know what they say about good intentions...

However, sometimes the stars align, you get a flash of a good idea, and all of a sudden, you're writing when all that you originally planned to do was post a picture of Morrisey on facebook.

I remembered that there is a very charming photo of Japanese enigma Cornelius sporting a T-shirt with the logo of one of his very favorite record labels; the Edinburgh based 53rd & 3rd which was founded by Sandy Mclean, David Keegan (of the Shop Assistants), and Stephen Pastel.

Cornelius is best known these days for shape shifting electronic dreamscapes that disguise themselves as songs, but did you know that he got his start in the indiepop band Flipper's Guitar? Well, they were originally called Lollypop Sonic, but Flipper's Guitar seemed to be where the good stuff really started to happen. They were a straightforward guitar band that wrote pretty, whimsical songs that would not have been at all out of place on 53rd & 3rd. Actually they'd have been even more at home on another label favorite of Cornelius', El Records, but that's another story for another time.

Check out Flipper's Guitar paying further tribute to 53rd & 3rd, or rather the band formed by one of the label's founders in this video for "Goodbye Our Pastel Badges:"

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