Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Soul! Alice Russel With Quantic and the Combo Barbaro

I was excited, or perhaps more realistically, apprehensive as I thought the other night about what I would write for this first straight up music post. I felt like it should be about something new. So many interesting projects that use indiepop and/or northern soul as their jumping off points for new creations have popped up since Hungry Beat! turned into a wayfairing stranger. It seemed completely necessary to acknowledge that.

Over the past few years, and in various guises, Quantic and Alice Russell have teamed up quite a few devastatingly beautiful soul tracks. Look Around the Corner marks the first time they've collaborated on a full album. The first single, also titled "Look Around the Corner" is really something special. It's a straight up nod to the 70s; full string section, the gentle rhythm of light conga drums, and Ms. Russell's clear and powerful voice all coming together in perfect harmony thanks to the spot on arrangement, and warm production of Will Holland (aka Quantic).

Watch this beautiful live version of the song... now!

- Marion

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